about Sara and the virtual biz partner academy

Have you ever felt stuck between your dreams and
your reality right now?

You’ve got big plans . . . but let’s face it, you’re juggling so many balls that getting where
you want to go may feel impossible.

If you’re just starting out, I can help you build a flexible business through Virtual Assistant (VA) Training.

I’m talking practical, no fluff, hands on training to get you started as a profitable VA.

I work with women – especially moms – on their journey to their dreams.  (And just know, whatever you want deep down is possible and I can help you make it happen.)

Doing your own thing so you can spend more time with your kids can be hard.  Especially when everyone is thinking you may be a little (or a lot) nuts.

Building a business is a journey. But as a woman, it’s got it’s own unique set of challenges.

Sometimes it’s going to feel like you’re on an epic journey to get where you’re meant to be.  Or like you’re spinning your wheels because you’re not sure what to do next.  

But you don’t have to do this alone. And you sure as heck don’t need to stay stuck.

Which is where I can help with the Virtual Biz Partner Academy. I know exactly how you feel and I specialize in helping smart mamas go after what they want. (And do it in a way that they can still spend time with their families and actually enjoy their life.)

Why Sara and the Virtual Biz Partner Academy?

I never, ever, ever had plans to be an entrepreneur. Growing up I was a pretty regular kid with no outstanding talent – aside from having a deep, intuitive knowledge of people.

As a teenager, I realized that this was a superpower. But it also frustrated me beyond belief because deep down I knew I was meant to do more. I realize now that it wasn’t quite time to figure out how to use those gifts in the world.

So began years of me trying to figure it all out. After a wide variety of jobs doing everything from working in a dog collar factory to bookkeeping, I decided to take the test to work for the State Probation and Parole Department as I’d studied Criminal Justice in College.

Then one day, I received letters from the state to interview for positions in Probation and Parole and I had 7 days to reply.  (Quite the metaphor isn’t it?)

That day changed my life for good. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be cooped up in prison instead of out in the world doing more.

Building a Thriving Business as a VA

I realized that what I really wanted was to be able to work at home, have time with my then 2-year old son and be in control of in my future. Then I found the world of Virtual Assistance and I was hooked. I learned everything I possibly could and found out I had a real passion for online business, systems and technology. 

That was the lightbulb moment where my superpower intersected with both creating a business and the life I truly wanted. Since then I’ve built a thriving, successful business where I get to help other women bring their superpower to the world and get paid to do it. 

I founded Virtual Biz Partner Academy to help women learn the must-have basic skills to become a successful VA and skip all the struggle that I see so many VAs who are starting out go through. 

Virtual Biz Partner Academy is a 12-week course designed to take you from square one to building a biz you love.

Questions? Just ask!